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Skretting is the global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. We deliver outstanding feeds and services worldwide for sustainable production of healthy and delicious fish and shrimp.

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Nutreco FeedTech Challenge

From 29 November 2016 to 17 January 2017, Nutreco organises a feed innovation competition, called the Nutreco FeedTech Challenge. This is our new way to kick-start breakthrough solutions that help us fulfil our mission ‘Feeding the Future'.

Over a period of two months, The Nutreco FeedTech Challenge offers an exclusive opportunity to connect with experts from Nutreco, scientists, other start-ups, and ultimately farmers and the rest of the world.

About the Nutreco FeedTech Challenge

Committed to people and planet

Sustainability is at the heart of Skretting's business. We are helping to establish a sustainable base for fish and shrimp feeds through comprehensive engagement with suppliers and third-party organisations

A sustainable future

Fish oil availability will not limit the aquaculture industry’s growth

Skretting is now able to offer aquaculture feeds containing a ground breaking algal oil that consists of unprecedented levels of the two essential long chain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, thanks to the joint development of Royal DSM and Evonik. 

Skretting to offer algal oil breakthrough

Curiosity is our passion

Skretting ARC's ultimate goal is to see the research we conduct implemented into innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry.

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Feed-to-food quality and safety

Skretting has implemented dynamic quality assurance and control at every stage of our production. We do this to ensure feed and food safety, quality, and to preserve our leadership in the global aquafeed market.

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