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Fish health department


Health is a serious challenge to the aquaculture industry, although the situation has significantly improved in recent years through vaccine development and better husbandry practices. As in other farming industries though, new diseases appear continuously and may become serious challenges before preventative measures are in place.

As a feed producer, we can also contribute to reducing the impact of infectious diseases. In Skretting ARC, we are focusing on three main development areas: proactive nutrition, specific nutrition and medicated feed.

By Proactive Nutrition, we mean the development preventative diets that can help the fish to withstand disease pressures by strengthening their defence mechanisms before a risk period. Specific diets are those that help the fish through a disease outbreak, when a number of physiological functions can be compromised. Finally, we aim continuously to improve our medicated feeds, to maximise the efficacy of treatments and thereby contribute to minimising the use of therapeutic substances.