Our sustainability story

Skretting is ideally positioned to contribute towards greater sustainability in the aquaculture industry because of our global presence, our focus on innovation, our technical expertise and our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The ‘Sustainability Vision 2020’ set by our parent company Nutreco is designed to align our actions in key business areas over a period of several years as we work towards fulfilling our ambition of helping to double world food production while halving the footprint.

Developing sustainable nutritional solutions

Meeting the growing global demand for protein will require innovative solutions that enable more food to be produced from a fixed resource base. The aquaculture industry offers a viable solution to this challenge as aquatic animals are more efficient at feed conversion than terrestrial animals.

We are determined to help the aquaculture industry become even more proficient and we will achieve this through continued investment in R&D focused on sustainable nutritional solutions that deliver positive economic, environmental and social outcomes as well as tools that measure this progress.

How we ensure sustainable sourcing

The sustainability attributes of fish and shrimp diets are greatly influenced by the methods used to produce and distribute the raw materials from which they are formulated. Together with Nutreco, we share our commitment to sustainability in the supply chain with raw material suppliers through the Nutreco Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets requirements relating to human rights, labour practices, environment, fair operating as well as food safety and quality. We have also written specific policies for marine and soy products that are more focused on explicit environmental issues associated with the production of these materials.

Delivering on our promises

Our commitment to sustainability is expressed through the Sustainable Economic Aquafeeds (SEA) programme. This identifies the key sustainability issues facing the aquaculture industry and the actions that we will take to address them.

SEA comprises six guiding pillars founded on the objectives contained within 'Sustainability Vision 2020', although slightly modified to reflect the unique characteristics of the aquaculture industry. They are used to clearly define our ambitions for the future and to establish a dynamic framework for our sustainability reporting.

The pillars are: Having Our Own House In Order, Developing Sustainable Nutritional Solutions, Securing Animal Health, Finding Alternatives To Limited Marine Resources, Creating A Sustainable Base For Feeds and Involve And Motivate.

SEA programme

Having Our Own House In Order

concentrates on improving our operational performance and includes pursuing greater energy efficiencies as well as reducing our emissions and waste.

Developing Sustainable Nutritional Solutions

encompasses our continual investment in R&D, aimed directly at helping the aquaculture industry become more economically, environmentally and socially proficient.

Securing Animal Health

ensures that as our nutritional formulations evolve they also increase the resilience of fish and shrimp to illness and stress. 

Finding Alternatives To Limited Marine Resources

establishes our firm commitment to reducing the aquaculture industry's reliance on limited marine resources

Creating A Sustainable Base For Feeds

focuses on establishing comprehensive engagement with suppliers and third-party organisations to establish responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

Involve And Motivate

comprises a range of dynamic initiatives that enable us to connect with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to create a more sustainable future.

Where you can learn more about how Nutreco works with sustainability

Each year Skretting’s parent company Nutreco publishes an Annual Sustainability Report that provides details of Skretting’s performance in the previous 12 months and also outlines the objectives that will guide us in the years ahead.

Although our customers and suppliers are beyond the scope of the report, in observing Skretting’s crucial role in the aquaculture supply chain we include targets designed to assist the industry as a whole become more sustainably viable.

Read the Nutreco report online

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