Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) is the global research organisation for Skretting, ensuring that the world's leading fish and shrimp feed producer maintains its position at the forefront of the rapidly developing aquaculture industry.

Skretting ARC's ultimate goal is to see the research implemented into innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry, whether in the form of products, methodologies or manufacturing improvements.

Products & Concepts


MicroBalance® allows us to produce fish and shrimp grower feeds with much lower fishmeal content without detracting from performance, welfare or end-product quality.

The technology derived from research at Skretting ARC, and has provided nutritionists with far greater flexibility in the selection of feed raw materials. In particular, researchers identified alternative sources of essential functional micro- ingredients conventionally provided by commodity materials such as fishmeal.

About MicroBalance®

MicroBalance® FLX

Aquaculture production will need to more than double between now
and 2050 to meet the demands of a growing population. At the same
time, we need to reduce the pressure put on the planet’s resources.
How can we grow sustainably? Basically, we need to produce more
from less. That’s where MicroBalance® FLX enters the scene.

About MicroBalance® FLX


PL provides essential high-quality nutrition for the first feeding stage of larval and post-larval shrimp through to nursery transfer, enabling hatcheries to produce robust, healthy young animals.

About PL


Premium contains metabolic activators that stimulate fish metabolism and energy utilisation. The metabolic activators help reduce visceral fat, providing higher slaughter yields, with larger fillets and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

About Premium


Protec is our functional feed for farmed fish that helps shield skin, gut and gills. It also supports the immune system, provides the building blocks for new cells and optimises the balance between fish, microbes and environment. An equivalent feed, called Lorica, has been developed for shrimp.

About Protec

Gemma Micro

GEMMA Micro is a specifically formulated diet that facilitates the early weaning of marine fish larvae.



HT counteracts the appetite and growth rate reductions that fish experience when water temperatures exceed 15°C.



ORI-ONE is a combined culture and enrichment product developed to offer high rotifer culture reproduction and nutritional content.


Models & Services


Combining biology, quality and economics, our robust set of innovative AquaSim management tools give qualified references through which fish farmers can calculate expected farm performance and further optimise production.

Over the course of the last 20 years, we have established a comprehensive portfolio of growth models for the large number of species that we supply feeds for. The purpose of these growth models is to forecast how fish will perform in their surrounding conditions and to give cost-benefit evaluations of many farming situations.

About AquaSim


NIR is an effective and efficient technology for ensuring quality control. Near-infrared reflectance (NIR) calibrations have been established for most of the raw materials that we source.

This form of spectroscopy uses the spectrum of reflected infrared light to provide information about the sample onto which the light is shone. In essence, the various components of the sample will absorb specific wavelengths out of the infrared range. The extent to which each wavelength is absorbed indicates the presence and the proportion of each component in the sample.

The NIR analytical equipment installed at every Skretting plant worldwide provides rapid, accurate analyses of all raw materials, also of meal mixes and finished feeds.

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