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Sustainable Economic Aquafeeds

Skretting’s SEA programme coordinates sustainability actions in Skretting. SEA stands for Sustainable Economic Aquafeeds and is our commitment for improving the sustainability of aquaculture.

As the world’s leading fish feed producer, Skretting takes its responsibility towards sustainability very seriously. Our goal is to enable fish farmers to be net fish protein producers, enhancing aquaculture as a viable alternative to harvesting wild stocks.

To achieve this we will continue to increase the demands on our suppliers, increase feed efficiency, reduce our dependency on marine raw materials while reducing emissions, wastes and freight. In short: we will pursue and find solutions to environmental challenges.

To show how much we care and to assure that we keep our promises, we have crystallised our commitments in a sustainability programme: SEA.

You can read more about our actions on the left hand side on this section of our web site, or download our SEA brochure.