Marine fish



Water conditioner


Neptune is an algae-based water conditioner for greenwater application.

Enrichment and culture diets


Skretting Ori-Go range is the new generation of rotifer diets and enrichments. Ori-Go range includes rotifer diets (Ori-One and Ori-Culture) and three different enrichments with specific attributes (Ori-Green, Ori-Gold and Ori-Pro).

Pre-starter and starter feeds


Perla Larva , Perla Plus and Perla MP are the Skretting proposal for traditional weaning and pre-growing protocols.

  • Perla Larva is the extruded complete diet for weaning marine fish larvae.
  • Perla Plus is the range of crumbled extruded feeds.
  • Perla MP is the extruded minipellet range for pregrowing.


Gemma diets are the new generation of Skretting feeds for marine hatcheries. These cold-extruded products allow innovative weaning and pre-growing protocols.
  • Gemma Micro is the exclusive Skretting proposal for Artemia replacement.
  • Gemma Wean is the Skretting proposal for early weaning and co-feeding of marine fish larvae.
  • Gemma Diamond is the pregrowing feed completing the Gemma range.

Growout feeds

  • Optibass e Optibream are diets specifically designed to satisfy the different nutritional requirements of European seabass and gilthead seabream, respectively, and formulated on a digestible nutrients basis. Optibass and Optibream include the innovative Skretting MicroBalance concept.
  • Excel is the traditional medium-energy diet, with high flexibility to be used under a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Alterna Marine is a low-medium-energy diet.

Broodstock feeds

Right broodstock nutrition is the key for hatchery success.
  • Vitalis Cal is specifically formulated for the villogenesis stage up to the recovery after the spawning period.
  • Vitalis Repro is a maintenance feed for broodstock.


  • Protec is Skretting’s prime functional feed for farmed fish. Protec helps to shield skin, gut and gills; it supports the immune system, provides building blocks for new cells and optimises the balance between fish, microbes and environment.Protec Bream is the Gilthead seabream feed to be used at temperatures below 18-20°C.


  • Optibass HT is the product recommended for summer nutrition of European seabass when temperature exceeds 26°C.
  • Focus Omega is the harvesting diet for marine species targeting high omega3 fatty acid level in the fillet.
  • Focus Gold is the haversting diet for optimal seabream skin pigmentation
  • MRF Marine is diet designed for farms subjected to specific production standards.
  • Emerald Marine is a product for marine species organic farming

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