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The global leader in fish and shrimp feeds

Skretting is a global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. We deliver outstanding feeds and services to fish farmers worldwide for the sustainable production of healthy and delicious fish and shrimp.

Thanks to its dedicated product portfolio, Skretting offers marine fish and shrimp hatcheries a wide range of products to meet the different dietary requirements, from broodstock feeds suited to the specific stages of conditioning, maturation, spawning and recovery of parent fish through to green water application products, live feed components, GEMMA Micro early weaning feeds, nursery feeds and pre-on-growing diets.


Skretting Marine Hatchery Feeds co-sponsored a workshop on improving zebrafish husbandry

On 7 November, the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon organised a workshop on “Improving Zebrafish Husbandry Towards Better Research and Animal Welfare” which attracted more than 60 participants from 11 different countries. Skretting was one of its sponsors.
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Rotifer enrichment can be omitted applying new generation diets and basic rules of natural production

Stepping away from short-term boosting and focusing on a precisely dosed complete diet for rotifers, Skretting wants to simplify rotifer production for its users. The principle is simple and resides on the fact that one single diet (ORI-ONE) is fulfilling the mass culture of the rotifers at the same time as it is transforming their nutritional composition to the requirement of first feeding fish larvae. Just as in the natural environment ORI-ONE is based on a complex mixture of algae-based nutrients to which the rotifers respond by amazing digestive properties that significantly modify their body composition and save their environment from water deterioration.
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