2017 Sustainability Report

6 June 2018

Skretting Australia is pleased to announce the completion of its fifth sustainability report.

Our key focus is always on developing innovative and responsible nutritional solutions that suit the needs of our aquaculture producers today and in the future. Through our R&D we are at the forefront of implementing changes to enhance production efficiencies while minimising the impact of aquaculture on the environment.

We are proud to have delivered the next generation in high performance Atlantic salmon grower diets, Prime and Express to our customers. These new feeds focus on enhancing appetite and digestion efficiency to facilitate higher growth rate and reduce time at sea. Prime and Express will provide our customers with increased flexibility to optimise their production system; either choosing to reduce the production time or to provide the market with larger salmon, there are considerable benefits to be had from both approaches.

In last year’s report we highlighted the new feed innovation MicroBalance FLX, allowing us to offer feed for Atlantic salmon with zero fishmeal inclusion. In 2017, Skretting Australia successfully adapted our ground breaking MicroBalance FLX technology to rainbow trout species, producing farmed trout with zero fishmeal and no loss in final quality or yield. Skretting Australia will continue to validate and adapt this technology for other species in order to provide the most advanced and economical feeds possible.

Here at Skretting Australia we will always endeavour to make continuous improvements across the entirety of our business. Our company mission is Feeding the Future, and I believe Skretting Australia has been able to deliver significant steps to realising a more sustainable future for the aquaculture industry.


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