Global salmon industry leaders join AquaVision 2016 program

8 June 2016

Alf-Helge Aarskog (Marine Harvest), Yo Sato (Cermaq Group AS) and Avrim Lazar (Global Salmon Initiative) to share insights and present opportunities for progressing the salmon sector

Salmon farming is one of the greatest food production success stories of the modern age. The establishment of commercial salmon aquaculture didn’t begin until the 1970s, but fast-forward just 40 years and the total global harvest now stands at a staggering 2 million tonnes.

The flavour and versatility of salmon has made it an extremely popular fish in most geographies and food segments, while its high omega-3 content make it an excellent source of healthy, high-quality protein. In addition to delivering an important component of many countries’ food chains, salmon farming also provides vital skilled employment, particularly in remote coastal areas, and makes considerable contributions to many economies.

Despite its considerable achievements, the salmon farming industry is not without its challenges, among them, meeting the unprecedented demand for the product from a rapidly growing global population. To ensure it can continue to expand sustainably, it must step up its progress in technically innovative areas and seek to establish greater collaborative relationships and solutions.

The organisers of AquaVision 2016, taking place 13-15 June in Stavanger, Norway, are delighted to announce that delegates will hear from three of the global salmon industry’s leading executives:

  • Alf-Helge Aarskog, CEO, Marine Harvest
  • Yo Sato, Chair of the Board, Cermaq Group AS
  • Avrim Lazar, Global Salmon Initiative

These expert speakers will outline their thoughts relating to the global expansion of salmon production. They will look at current challenges and opportunities, exploring ways in which the industry can move forward to bridge the gap between supply and future market demand.

AquaVision is a world-class aquaculture conference that attracts a diverse range of stakeholders to Stavanger every two years. The conference, organised since 1996 by Skretting and its parent company Nutreco, has established itself as an important meeting place for some 400 participants from over 40 countries.

Skretting and Nutreco now have finalised the programme for AquaVision 2016.  Delegates attending this year’s 11th edition can look forward to a wide range of speakers from all continents to provide attendees with invaluable information, insight and opinion.

 Contact information

Marit Husa, Communication Manager Skretting Group,, phone +47 47 68 55 44

Eivind Helland, Conference director AquaVision,, phone +47 91 37 78 25