Latest winter edition of Nexus

28 July 2015

In this issue of Nexus, we are excited to inform you about the upcoming launch of our new innovative feed – Protec Gill. Protec Gill delivers wide-ranging gill support for salmonids by using functional ingredients that support and shield the gills when confronted with a variety of challenges, enabling the fish to cope better and recover faster.

On a global scale, recirculation systems (RAS) are becoming more predominant and with this the demand for RAS specific feeds rises. Therefore, we have been working on refreshing our range of recirculation system-specific feeds under the new banner of RecircReady. The ‘RC’ in the product names literally stands for ‘recirculation’ and indicates that these diets were designed for this type of system.

We discuss the basic principles that underpin Skretting’s ‘Feed Care’ program conducted by our Technical Account Managers. The program consists of on-farm assessments such as feed audits, which in turn lead to ‘pond side’ conversations about observations, or more targeted farm-staff education and training sessions with the aim of helping to improve the fundamental practices at the core of any fish farming operation.