Skretting Australia's Marketing Manager

17 January 2017

Skretting/Jan Inge Haga

At the end of December 2016, Skretting Australia was pleased to appoint Dr Leo Nankervis as our new Marketing Manager in Tasmania. 

Leo is an Australian, originally from New South Wales, with extensive experience across many species.  

Prior to this new role, Leo was working for the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) in Stavanger, Norway. He has a PhD in Nutrition from James Cook University and he joined Skretting in 2007 as a Senior Researcher in the nutrition department working with the need for fish meal for Atlantic salmon (MicroBalance development), transfer feeds (Supreme), feeds for recirculating systems (RC), and been a driver for the development of our high temperature (HT) summer feeds, among other areas. Since 2014 Leo had been Team Leader of Salmonid Nutrition group and managed 8 researchers, all of whom were project managers. 

The experience and strength of knowledge that Leo will bring to the Skretting Australia team will be extensive, particularly within our local R&D program and guidance on species specific feed formulations.