Skretting launches pigmentation solution for farmed salmon

15 December 2015

Pigmentation of the fish is one of the most important quality criteria for salmon.

Extending the period that smolts spend in the freshwater phase of grow-out and thereby reducing the time they spend in the final seawater phase has though contributed to a steady pigmentation decline in many important Atlantic salmon production markets in recent years.

To help salmon farmers overcome this challenge, Skretting has developed freshwater-specific feeds for smolt that enable pigmentation to begin prior to seawater transfer. These innovative formulations mirror salmon’s uptake utilisation of pigment in seawater, enhancing the overall pigmentation process.

“In addressing this particular pigmentation issue head on, these new feeds fulfil an increasingly important requirement in the production system for salmon. Together with the knowledge gained through the R&D process, they can provide invaluable support for fish farmers wishing to establish a clear strategy for achieving optimal pigmentation,” says Roar Sandvik, Global Product Manager for Freshwater & Transfer feeds at Skretting.