The role of aquaculture

Skretting's mission of 'Feeding the Future' is based upon the challenge of feeding a global population that is forecast to reach 9 billion people by 2050. Our ambition is to contribute to meeting the world's rising food needs through responsible aquaculture. We do this by seeking innovative ways to increase the efficiency and nutritional value of our products as well as the productivity of our customers while also reducing the environmental impact of our value chains.

“Aquaculture offers an increasingly attractive solution to meeting food needs. Aquaculture is already the fastest growing animal food producing sector, but the potential for further expansion is great. I do not ask you to change direction but I ask you to accelerate progress.”
Kofi Annan
Key note speaker AquaVision 2012
“Aquaculture will help to bridge the gap between sustainable fisheries and global demand, but only when practiced responsibly.”
Sir Bob Geldof
Key note speaker AquaVision 2014

Ambition 2016 – driving sustainable growth in the aquaculture sector

Skretting has embarked upon a series of ambitious, company-wide plans that will drive its aquaculture feeds expansion over the next few years. It will retain a focus on local products by establishing more meaningful partnerships, while also seeking further opportunities to realise the full potential of its global product, model and service portfolio by meeting the increasing demand from growth geographies. This will be primarily achieved through leveraging its deep knowledge of markets, products and services.

Sustainability is an integral part of Skretting's strategy to remain the global leader in fish and shrimp feeds by delivering innovative and sustainable nutritional aquaculture solutions. This vision is based on clear ambitions regarding people, planet and profit.

Our position as a global leader in aquafeeds

Innovation drives the aquaculture industry forward. Thanks to the R&D activities conducted by the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre in cooperation with our technicians, Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and concepts that fully meet the nutritional and health requirements of fish and shrimp from the larval stage through to harvest.

Skretting's success is built on its market-driven approach to research and development, which is guided company-wide by four central pillars for innovation: Life Start, Health & Welfare, Feed Efficiency and Models & Services.

Life start 
focuses on young fish and shrimp nutrition and the influence that these protocols can have in terms of vitality and superior later life performance.
Feed Efficiency
requires that every raw material used in our unique formulations is selected to benefit the health and optimum growth of fish and shrimp as well as to deliver the best economics throughout production cycles.
Health & Welfare
concentrates on the relationship between nutrition and the health of fish and shrimp through the continual evaluation of current and potential ingredients in order to deliver heightened performance.

Models & Services
enable producers to optimise efficiency and nutritional inputs to achieve their desired technical and financial outcomes