(Haliotis spp.)

Feed for farmed Abalone

In Australia and New Zealand, the majority of abalone is sourced from wild-capture fisheries, with a growing percentage being produced through aquaculture.

Abalone are farmed in southern Australia, while in New Zealand, paua are farmed on both the north and south island.

Active Nutrition

Each feed has to suit fish species, size, biology, environment and health, as well as take economy into account.

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High temperature support

High temperature can have a significant influence on growth performance. We have a feed solution to support abalone during the summer months.

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Active Nutrition product range

Active Nutrition is the basis for all Skretting's fish feeds, with diets tailored to the fish and their situation.

Each component of the diet is there for a specific reason, to perform a particular action that contributes to health, welfare and growth of fish at that time and in the prevailing conditions.

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Below is the Active Nutrition product range available for Abalone:


Grower diets

Optimal Nutrition
Normal Conditions
Proactive Nutrition
Prepare for stress
Specific Nutrition
Halo HT