Active Nutrition for farmed Abalone

Meticulous research and nutritional knowledge provide the basis for all the Abalone feeds that we develop. Through the application of our Active Nutrition concept, each dietary component is present for a specific reason – to perform a particular action that contributes to the health, welfare or growth of the Abalone at a time when it is most required.

Feeds are tailored to suit species, size, biology and environmental conditions, and also take farming conditions, market requirements and economic pressures into consideration.

Through Active Nutrition, our feeds fall into three clearly defined categories:

Optimal Nutrition

Feeds meet the needs of the Abalone under normal conditions, when the production conditions are optimal and the fish are healthy and strong, to achieve the highest growth potential. Feeds are specifically tailored for these times to promote ideal health and maximise growth by delivering the perfect balance of essential nutrients, while all the time ensuring the best economic solution.

Proactive Nutrition

Feeds are designed for use when a challenge to the Abalone is imminent, such as handling, exposure to infection, or leading into adverse environmental conditions. Feeds falling within the proactive nutrition category are designed to help strengthen fish immunity and stress resistance, thus priming the Abalone's defence systems to cope during these testing times or assist with recovery following them.

Specific Nutrition 

Feeds address the requirements of fish when they are most challenged. Specific nutrition feeds are formulated to help fish manage adverse conditions through adjusted nutrient profiles.