Transfer success

Atlantic salmon undergo a critical physiological phase called smoltification when they move from a freshwater environment into a seawater one. Our scientists at Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) have developed a product range specifically to prepare smolt for transfer and then to support the fish as they adapt to the new seawater conditions.

Supreme diets contain functional ingredients, which enable the fish to better handle the transition from seawater. They also contain elements from our health supporting feed ProtecTM, to help smolts withstand all potential challenges at transfer.

Increased growth

Nutra Supreme-RC is recommended to be fed 6 weeks before transfer while in the hatchery and Spirit Supreme is to be fed for 6 weeks after transfer to seawater. The Supreme transfer concept contributes to a faster and increased uptake of feed, minimising the critical period when the stress of transfer can cause low appetite and poor growth. A fast start from the beginning gives the fish an advantage that will continue on through the production cycle.

Unified smoltification

Using Supreme feeds the fish will get a clear signal to start smoltification. Thus, the population of fish follow a more unified run through smoltification process, contributing to less variation.

Local adaptations

In Tasmania, the earliest smolt transfers take place in late summer, sometimes at warm water temperatures. For these fish we recommend our Supreme HT feed, which is a combination of the transfer support as well as high temperature support, developed for fish entering seawater at temperatures above 15°C.