More freshwater trout with less feed

The grower feed Premium is based on high energy combined with metabolic activators that improve the utilisation of digestible energy. The result is faster growth, higher yields and more marketable fish.

The use of high energy diets for cultured finfish as a means to reduce the amount of feed required for them to grow (feed conversion ratio; FCR) and improve their growth performance has been widely documented in Atlantic salmon through multiple trials globally and locally.

The grower feed Premium is based on high energy combined with metabolic activators that stimulate a fish’s metabolism and improves the ability to utilise digestible energy. The performance results of Premium in Atlantic salmon have been widely documented in multiple feed trials globally and locally. In light of these results, a natural progression was to test the concept in freshwater trout. 

What are metabolic activators?

Our scientists at the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) had a breakthrough discovery. They found micro-ingredients that have an ability to increase the fish’s utilisation of digestible energy. These metabolic activators are natural substances present in specific raw materials. When combined correctly, these substances positively impact the fish’s physiology, for example more fat can be stored in the edible parts of the fish rather than being lost in the gutted parts of the fish following harvest and processing.

Environmental benefits

As fish fed Premium require less feed to grow more (lower FCR), it also has a positive contribution to reducing the amount of nutrient output being released into the surrounding waterways.

To see locally documented trial results, refer to our customer magazine Nexus Issue 20.