Feed-to-food quality and safety

Skretting has implemented dynamic quality assurances and controls at every stage in all of our production cycles in order to minimise the aquaculture industry’s exposure to risks and to preserve our leadership in the global fish and shrimp feed market.

In addition to auditing all of our internal operations, all of our suppliers undergoes a comprehensive evaluation and approval process to ensure the supply of premium-quality, renewable and responsibly managed resources. Robust analyses of all approved raw materials are subsequently conducted at delivery and throughout the formulation process up to the point that the feeds are released to our customers. 

The role of Nutrace®

Nutrace® is Skretting’s company-wide management program that ensures feed-to-food safety and quality. It has been developed in such a way that all potential risks associated with aquaculture feed production are minimised and that any irregularities are quickly found and acted upon. This unique concept allows our customers and end-consumers to have full confidence with regards to the feeds used by the aquaculture industry.

The program’s five pillars of Certified Quality & Food Safety, Ingredient & Supplier Assessment and Management, Monitoring & Control, Risk Management, and Tracking & Tracing are the bedrock upon which we safeguard the manufacture of high-quality feeds from sustainable raw materials.

Quality Certifications

Skretting Australia is certified and compliant to a variety of international and national certifications.


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Reports & Brochures

Skretting produces a variety of publically available reports, such as how we manage our quality system and annual reports on the monitoring of residue levels in our feeds.

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Feed Safety FAQ's

There are many questions raised about the safe and responsible production and storage of fish feed. We have addressed the major ones here.

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