Nutrace pillars

Sertifisert kvalitet og matsikkerhet

Certified Quality & Food Safety

Skretting Australia is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard, as well as FeedSafe, the stock feed manufacturers standard.

Focus on continuous improvement, sharing of expertise and experience across sister companies worldwide and internal audits are our working methods to ensure safe feed with high quality to our customers and consumers. Third-party independent bodies, Skretting's customers and its parent company Nutreco check and audit these standards on a regular basis.

Evaluering og styring

Evaluation and management of ingredients and suppliers

We ensure that healthy, safe and sustainable raw materials are used for the production of fish feed. Common standards are used across all Skretting businesses for assessing and managing ingredients and suppliers.

All the information related to feed ingredients and major suppliers of Skretting Australia is stored in global databases, which are shared throughout the Nutreco organisation. Only approved feed ingredients and suppliers are used by Skretting Australia. Any new supplier must be evaluated and approved before being considered a Skretting Australia supplier.

Overvåkning og kontroll

Monitoring & Control

To ensure our feeds are safe, since 2000, Skretting Australia has followed a harmonised, detailed and comprehensive global monitoring program which covers undesirable substances from raw materials to finished feeds.

Raw materials are monitored according to a targeted list of undesirable substances and each ingredient follows an approved analytical procedure. Only approved laboratories conduct the analyses. Data is stored internally and shared among the Skretting companies. We also have a standardised internal rapid alert and follow-up system as well as an external notification procedure.


Risk Management

The Risk Management pillar ensures professional crisis handling, should an emergency arise. It covers Food Safety and Crisis Management for correct decisions to be taken in order to minimise risks and for unwanted situations to be handled in a correct manner.

It also includes media management and a product recall procedure. Regular training and tests are undertaken by Skretting Australia to ensure we are well prepared to handle a crisis in an effective and appropriate manner.  


Sporing og dokumentasjon

Tracking & Tracing

Tracking & Tracing ensures an efficient information flow between Skretting Australia, its suppliers, fish farmers and fish buyers.

Skretting Australia has an electronic system in place that precisely traces feed batches back to their raw materials. It provides accurate and accessible records of all ingredients, production processes and feed deliveries. This system delivers rapid upstream and downstream information, which is essential for efficient information gathering and in the event of an incident, recall program. The Tracking & Tracing system ensures current and pending legal requirements are in place.