Employee Highlight: John Abshire - Warehouse Supervisor - Skretting USA

22 January 2020


Introducing John Abshire our Wendell Warehouse Supervisor

John Abshire more commonly known as Johnny has been with Skretting North America for the past 30 years. He started his journey when Skretting was Nelson & Sons doing all of the bag shipments. Today he does a variety of tasks that includes loading feed bags, entering and processing delivery orders, customer service, inventory, along with maintaining the yard and equipment.

Johnny enjoys customer service and in particular seeing customer’s fish doing well. He believes that Skretting is a quality product that has potential to just sell itself especially when it can outperform competitors. 

When asked what he values most about his fellow Skretting team he responded “the commitment and care we all put in to make it all work together”.

He states that a “fierce sense of work ethic and responsibility” has been key in his success along with “making an effort to be as reliable offsite as on site”.

Johnny’s advice from self-experience is that we need to “take the best care of your body as you will feel all of those injuries and inflictions when you get older”.



Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you?

A: I have a passion for poultry Old English/American Game fowl in particular.

Q: What fish best represents you and why?

A: Catfish, because I like the fact that the male guards the eggs and keeps them oxygenated until they hatch. I also have a history of culturing these fish and I like to eat them too.

Q: What’s your favorite sports team?

A: Seattle Seahawks.


Skretting Appreciation

“Johnny is a fantastic example of what great employees can achieve. He has been a milestone in our distribution in Idaho, customers always appreciate his dedication and commitment, always focused to provide the best customer service. We all have to learn from Johnny, a stunning lesson of professionalism and humble hard work. Thank you Johnny, I feel really proud to have you in our team!!!” – Andrea Incudine, GM Skretting NA West

"You will not find a harder working employee than John Abshire anywhere. Johnny excels at living the Nutreco values, and is a wonderful example for us all to look up to and emulate. We appreciate everything he does for our business in the U.S., and we would not be successful without his numerous contributions." – Colin Cook, Customer Service Account Manager Skretting U.S.