Skretting no. 1 of the top 3 fish feed companies in sustainability reporting

18 August 2015

Seafood has ranked Skretting's integrated sustainability reports first equal amongst the top three global salmon feed producers in its recent Sustainability Reporting Benchmark report (495 pages long!) for salmon and salmon feed producers. This reflects significant work by the Skretting global sustainability team in improving its sustainability data reporting and the transparency of environmental/social criteria. For further information please read Skretting's sustainability report here.

Skretting's performance over the past three years has improved steadily:

Year Rank
2015 1
2014 2
2013 3

Part of the conclusion in the report;

"As all aquaculture starts with the feed, so must we conclude that the Top 3 Fish Feed companies continue to impress us: Very good and even 'Excellent', were again registered. Though there are, and always will be, issues to be addressed. This year, we have the unusual circumstance of both EWOS (last year's n°1) and Skretting/Nutreco sharing the top of the podium with an exact-same– and excellent - score of 7.02/10...!!! Having said this shouldn't distract us from the very good score also obtained by BioMar only a slight step behind... who also has great ambitions..." .

The full benchmarking report can be found at