Our people

The collective experience, knowledge and talents of our people have helped us achieve considerable success while also progressing the aquaculture industry on a global scale. Our aim is to continue to build the capabilities and culture required to remain the global leader in our field. As such, we strive to be the company where the best people in the industry want to work.

We believe that social responsibility, transparency and sustainability are important for long-term viability. We encourage an open culture with accessible managers and offer an international working environment with excellent development and training possibilities.

Working for us is challenging, varied and rewarding. It is also where you can fulfil your true potential.

Sarah Cook
“It's great to work for a company with a strong positive culture that strives to provide customers with more than just a product by creating real value and solutions for their business.”
Sarah Cook
Technical Sales Skretting St. Andrews
Adam Goldberg
"I have been with Skretting for four years and believe the company has great people from top to bottom. I have always felt like an equal no matter who I’m talking to. I enjoy working with new people and being able to explain all of the great things about the company.”
Adam Goldberg
Mill Support Skretting Vancouver
“Skretting has an amazing culture of support and dedication to everything we do. The thing I love most about working here is that employees not only care about the products, but also about building relationships with our customers, colleagues, and our community. It really does feel like a second family.”
Laura Miller
Human Resources Generalist, Skretting Vancouver
“I have worked for Skretting St. Andrews for 8 years, and It has been fantastic to grow and succeed with such a great company. Our employees work together as a team and always educate and help each other grow. As a family man it’s great to see Skretting supporting our community.”
Jeremiah Kerr
Extruder Operator, Skretting St. Andrews
“Skretting has a great company culture, emphasis on work-life balance and lots of opportunities for growth. It is a dynamic work environment and I love the way employees are treated, information is shared and ideas are heard. My teammates are not only colleagues, but friends and it makes work that much more fun.”
Mona Hejazipour
Raw Materials Coordinator, Skretting Vancouver
At our St. Andrew’s location there is an atmosphere which promotes long term employment. There are employees with close to or more than, 25 years of service. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience for new employees to draw from. We have a great deal of pride in our work and strive to perform on a professional level.
Tim Johnson
Maintenance Supervisor, Skretting St. Andrews