Our people

The collective experience, knowledge and talents of our people have helped us achieve considerable success while also progressing the aquaculture industry on a global scale. Our aim is to continue to build the capabilities and culture required to remain the global leader in our field. As such, we strive to be the company where the best people in the industry want to work.

We believe that social responsibility, transparency and sustainability are important for long-term viability. We encourage an open culture with accessible managers and offer an international working environment with excellent development and training possibilities.

Working for us is challenging, varied and rewarding. It is also where you can fulfil your true potential.

Sarah Cook
“I have been with Skretting for 8 years and no two days are alike. For me, each day brings different challenges and the satisfaction of finding new solutions. I find it rewarding to help customers meet their production, marketing or sustainability goals and see their success. Skretting has supported my development and ambitions from day 1 and has provided me with the opportunity to travel and develop relationships with colleagues and customers throughout the aquaculture industry.”
Sarah Cook
Sales Manager, Skretting St. Andrews
“In my 10+ years at Skretting, the company has been constantly evolving by taking on new challenges and helping our community. It is with this passion and drive that motivates me to come in every day and give my best. Over the years, I have gained experience, coached colleagues, built strong relationships, and made great friends. It truly is stepping out of a job and into a career.”
Tom Ho
Formulator, Skretting Vancouver
“I have worked at Skretting for many years, and it’s never been boring! Each day brings new challenges. The best part of my job is using input from internal and external customers to generate a production schedule that works for everyone. Like working on a puzzle, and putting everything in its place. And if I need something produced or shipped or fixed, I know I can rely on my co-workers to get it done. We have a great team!”
Michele Sweeney
Production Planner/Inside Sales
It has been a pleasure being employed with Skretting. Skretting has given me a chance to develop professionally, as well as personally. Skretting offers many opportunities for advancement through hard work while maintaining a premium wage. I am also very fortunate to work with great co-workers in a “team” environment. Looking forward to many successful years to come with the company.
Brian Hartford
CMMS Technician
“Skretting has an amazing culture of support and dedication to everything we do. The thing I love most about working here is that employees not only care about the products, but also about building relationships with our customers, colleagues, and our community. It really does feel like a second family.”
Laura Miller
Human Resources Generalist, Skretting Vancouver
Cory Thompson
"The biggest reasons I’ve been with Skretting for 20+ years are the people I work with and the company’s commitment to excellence. I have the opportunity to grow and expand in my role, and also effect change for the better, which is part of what makes me tick. I also believe that it’s important that I’m able to transfer my knowledge to others so they can succeed in what they do, as well. Building a strong team and earning the respect of your co-workers so that everyone is striving to reach the same goals is the key to our success. It’s great having a job that you enjoy coming to every day!”
Cory Thompson
Process Lead/Safety, Skretting Vancouver