Nutra XP

Nutra XP is an extruded, high-performance feed for first feeding salmonid fry, and is designed for rapid growth and maximum feeding efficiency. Nutra XP is extruded on a dedicated hatchery feed line in France. Pellet uniformity is strictly controlled and the pellet is specifically designed to have moderate to slow sinking characteristics, ensuring maximum opportunity for feeding. Raw materials are specifically selected to ensure the feed is highly nutritious and palatable to get fish off to the best possible start in life.

Complete Hatchery Solutions

Skretting offers a complete range of hatchery feeds for freshwater and saltwater salmonid production. Nutra ST starts the series for first feeding fry, specifically made for small salmon. Following Nutra ST is Nutra XP, which has advanced physical and nutritional qualities. Nutra RC is designed specifically for use in recirculation systems, formulated to improve water quality. Please contact Skretting for more information on feeding guidelines. 




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