Curiosity is our passion

Established in 1989, Skretting Aquaculture Research Center (ARC) is an international team of scientists who specialize in fish and shrimp nutrition, health, and feed production, as well as conducting trials and analyses. Collectively, the achievements of ARC contribute to the economic viability and sustainability of the aquaculture industry.

Today, ARC supports feed activities for a large number of species on five continents. Through an integration of business and research, its innovations are translated into products and improvements across the globe. There is also an interchange of ideas and innovations with Nutreco‚Äôs research hubs specializing in nutrition for farmed animals.

ARC has participated in many EU projects, collaborating with several universities and research institutes. It is also active in programs funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


In our search for health-promoting diets, we conduct in-depth research on immunostimulants, antioxidants, stress reduction, and gut strength. In addition to optimizing medicated feeds, we formulate diets for specific situations, such as infectious diseases or extreme environmental conditions. We have also developed and are furthering pioneering quantitative histological methods that provide precise appraisals of changes in organ structure.




Our nutrition researchers are constantly testing raw materials to establish their nutritional value and their functionality during the production process, as well as to gauge potential risks with regards to food safety and quality and sustainability.

Their research takes species, size, biology, environment, and health conditions into careful consideration when ascertaining nutritional needs. Feeds are developed for all fish and shrimp species grown under optimal conditions, as well as special formulations for those grown in difficult environmental conditions, such as regions prone to fluctuating water temperatures.


Feed production

Since raw material procurement is a major cost driver, our feed production researchers strive to increase the flexibility and functionality of the raw materials that we source without impacting the physical or nutritional aspects of our diets.

At the same time, we are developing technologies and new methodologies aimed at further increasing the efficiency and quality of our formulations while also delivering a more sustainable supply chain.