Supporting Vietnamese aquaculture growth through local investment

4 July 2017

– Skretting officially opens a new state-of-the-art shrimp feed plant as part of its commitment to the country and the broader Southeast Asia region

A new, dedicated aquaculture feed plant has been constructed and opened in the Mekong Delta by Skretting Vietnam to help the country’s fast-growing shrimp farming sector reach its full potential. The new 23,000 square metre facility, which has an initial annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes of feed, is located within the Thuan Dao Industrial Zone, Long An, for the convenience of local customers as well as to make best use of the transport links to other important farming provinces in the Mekong Delta.

More than 600 guests, including distinguished representatives from Nutreco and Skretting, partners and investors, and many local farmers, attended the plant’s official opening ceremony on 23 June 2017. At this event, they were given guided tours of the facility and heard senior executives from Skretting and parent company Nutreco underline the company’s commitment to helping progress aquaculture development in Vietnam and across the wider Southeast Asian region through the provision of high-quality feeds and unprecedented technical support, which are largely made possible through its world-class R&D.

Welcoming guests at the opening ceremony, Marc Le Poul, General Manager of Skretting South Asia, said: “Building on several years of experience operating in Vietnam, we feel that 2017 is the year for our ambition to reach new heights: New heights in terms of delivering innovation and best product performance to our customers; and new heights in term of providing best standard of working environment for our employees’.

Le Poul added: “In recent years, Skretting has been actively promoting our feed-to-food safety commitment to the market. This is because we are dedicated and proud to provide additional value to our customers. Aligned with the trust that our traceability systems have achieved, we have shown that working with Skretting adds both value and trust in even the most demanding markets.”

Skretting Vietnam’s new plant will adhere to the same robust standards, support and ways of working that are in place at all other locations operated by Skretting and parent company Nutreco. As well as incorporating state-of-the-art technology that has been specifically designed in line with the company’s strict health and safety standards, the facility also houses a special system to produce Skretting’s unique functional health feed for shrimp, Lorica.

Alex Obach, Managing Director at Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC), the global research organisation for Skretting, informed guests that Lorica’s complex profile of innovative functional ingredients is designed to shield shrimp during challenging phases in their lifecycle, including transfer and handling. Furthermore, its unique formulation delivers invaluable support to the defence mechanisms of these animals, enabling them to better cope with stress factors.

“In Skretting, we believe in Vietnam. And because we believe in Vietnam, we also want to increase our innovation efforts in the region with the construction of a new station in the coming months. Together with you, the local producers, we want to ensure a brilliant future for aquaculture in Vietnam and in Asia,” said Obach.

On behalf of the Nutreco Executive Committee, Samson Li, Managing Manager of Nutreco Asia, shared details of the company-wide mission of ‘Feeding the Future’ as well as its dedication to supporting the sustainable growth of the global fish, shrimp and animal farming sectors with high-quality products and services.

“Building this new state-of-the-art plant in Vietnam underlines the strong commitment that we have long shown to our customers in this very important country. This investment will be a vital contributor to the progress of Vietnam’s aquaculture industry and meeting the dietary needs of its fast growing population. We shall continue to provide you with all the knowledge and support that you will need to take this industry forward into a new golden age,” said Li.

Vietnam became part of the Skretting family in 2010 through the acquisition of Tomboy Aquafeed JSC, a reputable Vietnamese fish and shrimp feed company. In the seven years since the purchase, Skretting Vietnam has fully embedded the Skretting culture into all of its operations – from research and raw material procurement to products and services for aquaculture.

As well as being an important contributor to the country’s aquaculture industry, Skretting Vietnam also takes a lead role with regards to improving the lives and social circumstances of local communities. As such, it has implemented many non-commercial initiatives, such as meaningful donations to underprivileged school children, including funding a scholarship programme for children of low-income families. It has also funded the construction of much-needed local infrastructure, including building four bridges in remote farming areas. These and other important interactions demonstrate that Skretting Vietnam and the broader Skretting group is much more than a feed supplier and an employer, it is a major supporter of farmers and the communities in which it belongs.