Coarse, Carp & Ornamental Carp
(Cyprinus carpio)

Feed for all Cyprinid species

Most of the many species of coarse, carp and ornamental fish produced in the UK are destined for the “hobby” markets, of which freshwater angling and fish keeping are the main ones.

Coarse, Carp & Ornamental Carp

Quality is key

The nutritional quality of both the raw materials and the finished product is vital to ensure the fish producer gets the best from our feeds.

Comprehensive diet range

Whatever type of fish is being grown we have a diet that will fulfil the nutritional requirements of that species.

Nutrition for fish welfare

With fish health and wellbeing of paramount importance in commercial coarse fisheries, our diets are designed to provide solutions to all  the major challenges faced by fish in these tough environmental conditions.

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