Healthy Cleaner Fish - Healthy Salmon

Nurture your forces

The supply of cleaner fish will not meet the demand over the next few years, even with the rapid growth in lumpfish culture we are witnessing. Thus, with limited availability, it becomes even more important to nurture your lumpsuckers to optimise their efficiency and longevity.

Salmon farmers are wisely looking to broaden the range of effective and sustainable weapons in the fight against sea lice. Despite growing interest in the use of Lumpsuckers in the UK and several R&D projects examining their potential it will still be several years before hatchery production can meet the estimated annual UK demand for 2 to 3 million lumpsuckers.

Lumpfish are selective feeders

An emaciated and hungry cleaner fish will be a bad lice eater. Cleaner fish are very fussy, and will only eat feed with appropriate taste and texture. Skretting has developed cleaner fish feeds that are easily digested, high in protein, low in fat and includes functional ingredients to promote health.

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