Trout (Rainbow & Brown)
Oncorhynchus mykiss & Salmo trutta

Trout (Rainbow and Brown)

Rainbow trout is mainly farmed in Europe, North
America, Chile, Japan and Australia. About 18,000 tonnes of trout are produced
in the UK, mostly for the table market, but also for restocking of Rainbow and
Brown Trout into lakes and rivers.

Feed for all occasions

High quality, cost effective and sustainable feeds for
all life stages, farm types and market requirements.

MicroBalance Technology

MicroBalance provides micro-ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients, that enable fishmeal levels to be substantially reduced without compromising

Functional feeds

Our functional feed solutions can play an important role supporting a farm’s preventative health measures by modulating several key immune responses which will help fish cope with disease and recover faster following stress or injury.


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