Skretting's Publications for download

Protec Brochure

Protec is Skretting’s prime functional feed for farmed fish. New Protec helps to shield skin, gut and gills; it supports the immune system, provides building blocks for new cells and optimises the balance between fish, microbes and environment.  Protec brochure

Protec Gill Brochure

Protec Gill - designed to support gill health and recovery during disease, environmental and treatment challenges.  Protec Gill brochure

Shield Brochure

SHIELD is Skretting’s newest functional feed solution designed to help salmonid fish defences against the ongoing challenge of sea lice. Shield brochure

SEA Brochure

Skretting takes its responsibilities for contributing to a sustainable aquaculture very seriously. We will contribute to this at every point in the food value chains where we are active and, through these contributions, seek continuous improvement. In fulfilling its objective, Skretting will respect the different opinions and stimulate dialogue with all stakeholders.

To show how much we care and to assure that we keep our promises, we have crystallised our commitments in sustainabiltiy programme: SEA - Sustainable Economic AquaFeeds.

Please download our SEA brochure.

Skretting Sustainability Report 

This is the first sustainability report to be published by the Skretting Group, it provides a snapshot of Skretting's performance and identifies the goals and targets that will guide us in the years ahead.

Nutrace Brochure

Nutrace - Feed to Food quality to safety. 

Confidence in feeds for farmed fish and shrimp Nutrace is Skretting’s unique, global feed-to-food quality and safety system. It ensures consistency throughout the production process, from raw materials to final feed solutions.

Built on five strong pillars, Nutrace ensures that our customers and end consumers can have full confidence with regard to feeds in the farmed fish and shrimp value chain.