PL provides essential high-quality nutrition for the first feeding stage of larval and post-larval shrimp through to nursery transfer, enabling hatcheries to produce robust, healthy young animals

GEMMA Micro is a specifically formulated diet that facilitates the early weaning of marine fish larvae

ORI-ONE is a combined culture and enrichment product developed to offer high rotifer culture reproduction and nutritional content

MicroBalance™ allows us to produce fish and shrimp grower feeds with much lower fishmeal content without detracting from performance, welfare or end-product quality

Premium is the top quality products

NIR is an effective and efficient technology for ensuring quality control. Near-infrared reflectance (NIR) calibrations have been established for most of the raw materials that we source

HT counteracts the appetite and growth rate reductions that fish experience when water temperatures exceed 15°C

Protec is our functional feed for farmed fish

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