Active Nutrition

Meticulous research and nutritional knowledge provide the basis for all the fish and shrimp feeds that we develop. Through the application of our Active Nutrition concept, each dietary component is present for a specific reason – to perform a particular action that contributes to the health, welfare or growth of the fish or shrimp at a time when it is most required.

Feeds are tailored to suit species, size, biology and environmental conditions, and also take farming conditions, market requirements and economic pressures into consideration.

Through Active Nutrition, our feeds fall into three clearly defined categories: Optimised Nutrition, Proactive Nutrition and Specific Nutrition.

Optimised Nutrition provides all the feeds that meet the needs of aquaculture species under normal conditions, where all the production systems are optimised and the fish and shrimp are strong and healthy, to deliver the highest growth potential.

Proactive Nutrition prepares aquaculture species for challenging events, such as high temperatures, handling and grading, or the emergence of disease threats.

Specific Nutrition provides aquaculture species with the appropriate nutrition to give them the best opportunity of withstanding disease threats, environmental challenges and when specific quality and end-market requirements need to be taken into consideration. Each formulation features nutrition that is specific to the challenge that the species is exposed to.



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