Joining forces to transform the global seafood industry

A key element of Skretting and parent company Nutreco’s strategy to build competence in the field of seafood sustainability is to engage with other industry stakeholders to discuss common challenges and to develop effective solutions. In December 2016, we were one of eight influential seafood companies that came together to form the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship initiative.

Barramundi sea farm

This first-of-a-kind partnership aims to lead global transformation for sustainable seafood production and healthy oceans. Amongst the many important industry issues being addressed by this group is the need to reduce the global extent of illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing and the elimination of any products in the companies' supply chains that may have been obtained through modern slavery, including forced, bonded and child labour.

Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship was instigated by the Stockholm Resilience Centre and is based upon its research that identified Skretting and other keystone actors in the world's seafood industry as well as the opportunity for unified, best-practice ocean stewardship to help transform the sector. It is hoped that sustainable leadership by these keystone actors will cascade throughout the entire industry and enable critical transition towards the improved management of marine resources and ecosystems.

"We were delighted so many companies accepted our offer. This shows that they recognise their role and that they understand how important they are in their efforts to develop and save the world's fish resources," says Henrik Österblom, project leader and Deputy Science Director at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Participants in the initiative's first dialogue produced a joint statement that outlines their concern about the current and future state of the ocean and also identifies a number of areas that they will address together. In 2017, all eight companies involved will follow up these efforts with discussions on the specific measures to be taken.

"I believe this represents a good start to something which can become important in improving the sustainability of seafood. First and foremost because it is a real global initiative; Secondly, and equally important, it links the challenges in wild fisheries and aquaculture. I look forward to translate our joint commitment into concrete actions," says Knut Nesse, CEO of Nutreco.

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