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Feeds for farmed tuna

Bluefin tuna accounts for 10% of all tuna species and its rich, fatty ­textures attracts sushi lovers all over the world. A growing demand for ­Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Bluefin tuna has placed these wild stocks at risk. Current tuna farming or fattening practices require feeding large ­quantities of whole wild fish.    

Skretting is continuing to work to develop commercial ­aquaculture diets for tuna that cover the whole life cycle. ­The availability of a commercial diet will be a major step forward for the tuna industry, bringing ­significant advantages in terms of nutrition, feed management, biosecurity and ­sustainability. 

Infinity feed concept for salmon with no fish meal or fish oil

Skretting is able to provide feed for grower Atlantic salmon containing no fish meal or fish oil - meaning production of salmon with a zero fish in, fish out (FIFO) ratio. This important step means that salmon ­aquaculture can ­develop ­independently of the supply and production of marine ingredients from wild-capture fisheries. This will ­enable a higher utilisation of wild fisheries for direct human ­consumption if the market requires. 

Infinity feed concept enables the production of a healthy and ­nutritious salmon for the consumer, without being ­dependent on finite sources of fish meal and fish oil from wild-capture ­fisheries. 


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