Employee Highlight: Mona Hejazipour | Purchasing Manager, Micros & Specialty Ingredients

23 July 2019

Introducing Mona Hejazipour, Purchasing Manager, Micros & Specialty Ingredients for Skretting North America. 

Mona Hejazipour has worked with Skretting North America for the past 3-years in a number of roles. Mona now assumes the role of Purchasing Manager, Micros & Specialty Ingredients where she is responsible for managing the ingredients inventory at our plant and working with raw materials suppliers to ensure demand can be met. Mona brings unparalled expertise to the procurement department, holding a Bachelor of Science in food industry engineering and working with DANONE as their Demand & Supply Planning Manager for more than eight years. 

To learn more about the responsibilities of a purchaser, we recently held an interview with Mona where she shared her opinions and beliefs on a range of topics about work and life. 


“A Day in the Life”: The Responsibilities of a Purchaser 

When asked about her job, Mona explained that she has numerous responsibilities from raw material coordinator to vendor relationship management, all of which require her to be a master of balance. She said, “I have to carefully plan our ingredients purchasing to avoid running out and avoid having overflow. Every day, I check available stock in our silos, incoming orders, forecasted usage and plan for the next day’s requirements to keep the plant running.” 

Clearly, being a purchaser is a busy job. When we asked Mona how she stays motivated under such pressures, she explained that deadlines play an important role in her success. “By meeting deadlines, I feel a sense of accomplishment which keeps me motivated in the short-term and helps me want to exceed expectations in the long-term.” 

Mona continued, “Without goals and objectives, it is very difficult to feel motivated. So I focus on what I can control and then plan for the rest! My goal is to go beyond the immediate tasks and think of the big picture, which is ultimately aligned with my career path. I want to climb the corporate ladder through hard work, attention to detail, and continuously learning ways to improve.”  

Mona has voiced that she is a believer in quality over quantity as she see is more important to success in the long-term. At Skretting North America, a central component of our value proposition is focused on making quality products so that our customers and end-consumers can have full confidence with regards to the feeds used by the aquaculture industry. We are grateful to have individuals like Mona who shares these values in our procurement department as an emphasis on quality can have an exceedingly positive impact on our operations!  


Work-Life Balance: Matching Company Culture to Personal Values 

Since Mona made the decision to move to Vancouver with her husband, she explains she was always motivated to find a company to work for that shared her personal values around corporate social responsibility and openness. Mona voiced that “some of the most important values to me are ethics and honesty which I believe Skretting values, too! It is reflected in our work culture where I have a good relationship with my colleagues and can see that there is a common sense of trust and understanding”. Reflecting her caring and considerate nature, Mona volunteered to help clean up litter at a local park in Vancouver, B.C. for our 1st annual Community Day last September.   


On the Lighter Side… 

Of course, no interview is quite complete without a silly question. In asking Mona what kind of fish she would be, if she could choose, she offered a light-hearted answer:  

“I’ve never thought about that before! Have you heard of a Guppy? It’s also known as a million fish or a rainbow fish. I would choose to be a guppy because they are known to be highly adaptable and can thrive in many different environmental and ecological conditions. There are also some funny things about them. Male guppies are actually smaller than female guppies – and more beautiful than female guppies with colourful dorsal fins. The ones with orange spots on their flanks are typically in better shape and female guppies are attracted to these brightly coloured males more than the rest. I didn’t know that under the water there are similar stories to human life!”  

We would like to extend a big thank you to Mona for all her hard work!