Skretting CEO keynote speaker at launch of sustainable shrimp initiative

20 March 2018

On March 12, Therese Log Bergjord gave the keynote address to around 140 invited guests at the launch of the Ecuadorian collaborative initiative, the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP), hosted by Intrafish at the Boston Seafood Show.

The SSP is a group of leading companies who share one mission: to make shrimp aquaculture a clean, stable, and successful practice for the world. In order to reach that goal, the leaders have set a clear and ambitious plan to elevate the whole sector to the next level.

“The key focus of the SSP – farming shrimp under highest standards, with full traceability and zero antibiotics – ties in perfectly with Skretting’s mission of ‘Feeding the Future’ and highlights the importance of programs already embedded in the Skretting culture in Ecuador and around the world. For example Nutrace, our mandatory quality and food safety system, as well as other key initiatives, like the Pincoy project in Chile aimed at reducing the use of antibiotics in the salmon industry,” says Log Bergjord. “Skretting is proud and excited to be part of such an ambitious and innovative initiative for the global shrimp industry.”

The launch event featured various industry experts including Jason Clay, WWF Senior Vice President for Markets and Food, Michael Gilmore PhD, Director at Harvard's Infectious Disease Institute and Principle Investigator of the Harvard-wide Program on Antibiotic Resistance, José Antonio Camposano, Executive President, National Chamber of Aquaculture Ecuador, Rodrigo Laniado, CEO, SONGA Sociedad Nacional de Galápagos, and Independent Consultant, Avrim Lazar.

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