Skretting North America hosts the 1st Annual Saltwater Symposium to launch Prime & Express and talk aquaculture innovation

8 May 2018

On Friday, April 13th, Skretting North America hosted their 1st Annual Saltwater Symposium in Campbell River, British Columbia. The purpose of the Saltwater Symposium was to highlight innovative developments in the aquaculture industry and to set the stage for a discussion around saltwater fishery best practices. Organized by Matthew Liutkus, Saltwater Account Manager for Skretting North America, the event was well-supported by the local community with more than 40 attendees from aquaculture farm managers, workers, and service providers.

Many aquaculture service providers attended as speakers to showcase their innovative technologies, including Realtime Aquaculture, AKVA Group North America, Pentair Technologies, Poseidon Ocean Systems, and Steinsvik. The speakers provided value to the workshop by highlighting the challenges faced by modern aquaculture managers and presented on technology-centric solutions to those problems, overall promoting new ways of looking at old problems and more effective strategies to aquaculture farm management.

We were also joined by two speakers from the Skretting Global office, including Sissel Susort (Global Product Manager, Grower Feeds) and Ingunn Stubhaug (Researcher). Sissel Susort and Wesley van den Herik, our local product manager, presented on the next-generation of feeds for post-transfer salmon called Prime & Express. Prime & Express are innovative products, leveraging advanced research on fish nutrition to enable a shorter production time in the sea and a faster harvest. Prime & Express have seen a great deal of success at Norway aquaculture farms, the scientific explanation of which was provided in detail by Susort.

Later on, Ingunn Stubhaug presented on some of the innovative research being pursued by Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC), including her own research on cold-water feeding. Stubhaug offered insight into the different challenges faced by fish in cold-water conditions and how these might be resolved with a greater understanding of fish biology and specialized feeding techniques. She also discussed Skretting ARC’s researcher on fish meal and fish oil alternatives, specifically speaking to the algae oil development. In sum. preliminary research has demonstrated promising results for algae oil as an alternative ingredient in feed – more details to come on this in the coming months.

Skretting workshops like the Saltwater Symposium offer a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network within a community of aquaculturists and aquaculture workers. We will be hosting more event like the in the future and hope that participation will continue to grow. We would like to thank all our customers who came out and participated in our Saltwater Symposium and look forward to seeing you again at our 2019 workshop!