Skretting USA is now BAP certified

13 May 2016

Skretting is committed to being the most trusted name in fish feed.  Part of that trust is gained by demonstrating social and environmental responsibility.  We are pleased to announce that Skretting USA is now BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified.  This certification is obtained by implementing best practices in operations, administration, and customer service to ensure that we are operating in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Environmental sustainability is demonstrated by thorough traceability and good manufacturing practices to ensure that we use sustainable resources and follow environmental regulations.  One of the key sustainability requirements of the BAP program is that over 50% of the fish products we use come from certified sustainable fisheries.

Social responsibility is followed by ensuring we operate according to local laws, our employees are safe and treated well, we contribute to our community, and that we follow best practices for ensuring the quality and safety of our feed.

Being BAP certified is yet another way for Skretting to show our customers that they can trust that they will be getting a superior product.