Atlantic Salmon
(Salmo salar)

Atlantic salmon

 Atlantic salmon are one of the largest of the Salmonid species. On average this species grows to 8-12 pounds, though the record for the largest Atlantic salmon specimen weighed over 100 pounds.

Though salmon species share their anadromous lifecycle, starting in freshwater and spending most of their lives at sea before returning to lay eggs, the Atlantic salmon is a repeat spawner and does not perish after breeding like the Pacific salmon.

The life stages occurring between the freshwater and marine environment present unique challenges nutritionally. Our commitment to research and development on the exact requirements of the Atlantic salmon life stages has led to a suite of sustainably efficient and nutritionally tailored products for every step of the farming process.

Salmon is safe and healthy food

Farmed salmon contains a very low level of undesirable substances and is therefore a safe food product. Salmon is also an important source of marine omega-3, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

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