(Danio rerio)


Feed for every lifestage of zebrafish

Micro Pellet

GEMMA Micro is a unique, patented diet, formulated to offer complete nutrition to adult fish resulting in healthy, robust, and highly fecund zebrafish with short generation times.

Gemma Micro

Cost effective solution

Feeding zebrafish just once a day with GEMMA Micro (without Artemia) can improve growth and offer a more cost-effective feeding solution with no adverse effect on reproductive performance (Lawrence et al. 2012 - The effects of feeding frequency on growth and reproduction in zebrafish (Danio rerio), Aquaculture 368-369 p.103-108).

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GEMMA Micro for Zebrafish products can be purchased directly from our company through the Skretting fish feeds web shop zebrafish.skrettingusa.com

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