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Involving people in the challenge of "Feeding the future"

Our nutritional solutions include a wide variety of ingredients sourced from all over the world. At Skretting, we understand that we can only develop sustainable nutritional solutions if we are part of a responsible supply chain.

AquaVision and AgriVision

Nutreco hosts two biennial conferences, AgriVision and AquaVision, which provide a platform to discuss global feed, food, and business-related topics. The purpose is to bring together key stakeholders from the international feed-to-food chain in order to facilitate strategic debate, develop new ideas, and inspire innovative approaches for the future.

Communities development

Many farmers in developing markets are smallholders that use basic agriculture and aquaculture methods. An important challenge in feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way is to improve the productivity and sustainability of their farming methods.

Through local community development programs, we team up with local governments, NGOs, universities, and other companies to share our knowledge and expertise. Examples of current programs include a project in Nigeria where we are helping to raise the livelihoods of up to 1,000 small catfish farmers and a project in Indonesia involving up to 1,000 small dairy farmers.