Our mission

Skretting’s mission: Feeding the future

Our mission is based on the challenge of feeding a global population that is forecast to reach 9.5 billion people by 2050. Along with the fast growing world population, increased urbanisation, a growing middle class and changing diets will lead to a surge in demand for protein, especially in emerging markets. Our ambition is to contribute to meeting the rising food needs in a sustainable manner. We will do this by constantly seeking innovative ways to raise the efficiency and nutritional value of our products, the productivity of our activities and those of our customers, and to reduce the environmental impact of our value chains. Sustainability is in the nature of our business.

The vision that inspires us

“In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, there is a rising demand for high quality meat, fish and shrimp. We will be the global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions that best support the performance of animals, fish and shrimp.”

Feeding the futureSkretting is an essential link in the feed-to-food chain. We apply our knowledge of ingredients and the nutritional needs of fish and shrimp to deliver optimum value to producers from limited natural resources. We are supported in this position by worldclass innovation and technical capabilities.

Some innovations are global solutions that can be adapted to multiple species and markets, while others resolve individual customer issues or deliver advances for a specific species or region.

The values we live by

Skretting follows a global culture that is open, in which all our people care deeply about what they do, about each other and the environment in which they work. To fulfil our mission of Feeding the Future, we adhere to four clearly defined core values – Innovative, Caring, Collaborative and Capable – which are adopted throughout the group.


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