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In the Skretting Photobank, you will find a selection of images available for download, including management, factories and feeds. To gain access, please register as a user via the link below.

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Exclusion zone

The Skretting logo is unique and should not be redrawn or altered in any way.

To ensure prominence and legibility, the logo is surrounded by an exclusion zone into which other graphic elements must not intrude. The exclusion zone is shown by the dotted line in the example above. This area is a minimum and should be increased wherever possible.

To ensure prominence and legibility when using the logo at small sizes the minimum size of the logo is 25 mm.

 Skretting colour logo  Skretting black logo Skretting transparent logo
413x164 eps
419x168 png

413x164 eps
419x168 png

413x164 eps
413x164 png



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