NIR: an innovation in aquafeed production

NIR stands for Near Infrared Reflectance. This form of spectroscopy uses the spectrum of reflected infrared light to provide information about the sample onto which the light is shone.

In essence, the various components of the sample will absorb specific wavelengths out of the infrared range. The extent to which each wavelength is absorbed indicates the presence and the proportion of each component in the sample.

A global standard

The NIR analytical equipment installed at every Skretting plant worldwide provides rapid, accurate analyses of all raw materials, also of meal mixes and finished feeds.

“NIR is a very practical method for use by the production teams at feed plants,” says Ørjan Breivik, the researcher responsible for NIR analyses at the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) in Norway. “Samples need little or no preparation and results are available almost instantly.

“The information they produce enables formulators to ensure finished feeds match the specifications precisely and that customers receive feeds with all the benefits the research team and product developers intended.”

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