Skretting Presents: Nutra

18 April 2019

Skretting Egypt has recently launched Nutra to meet the demand of hatcheries and nurseries for high quality starter feed for tilapia fry and fingerlings. Nutra has been developed by Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) and is based on three key principles: optimizing digestible protein, digestible energy and feed technology. Nutritional requirements of tilapia fry and fingerlings change over time and Nutra is formulated to meet these requirements for each life stage. Nutra is also developed to satisfy the needed particle sizes in the hatchery and nursery phase.


After hatching, tilapia fry are in a vulnerable phase and need to be fed continuously. Nutra 0 is a crumble, almost like a powder and designed to meet the fry specific nutrient requirements ensuring high survival rates until they reach 0.5 gram. Nutra 0 will also allow good spraying, mixing and absorption of liquids for sex reversal and production of all-male-populations.


For the nursery stage, Nutra crumbles range (Nutra 80 and Nutra 120) are formulated not only to meet the specific nutrient requirements of fry but also to specifically have uniform particle size, slow sinking velocity, increased water stability and reduced nutrient leaching. As a result, all nutrients in Nutra are used for fry growth until they reach body size of 10 gram.

Next, Skretting offers Nutra 160 in micropellet form. The micropellets allow for uniform pellet diameter and length to obtain homogenous fry sizes and reduce the size variation of your fish stock until 25 gram body weight. Also the micropellets are 100% floating which will help the fingerling to adapt for feeding at the water surface preparing them for grow out feed. Hence, Nutra optimal particle sizes and specific nutritional requirements for each life stage will ensure efficient feeding and high growth from the very start to the very end at harvest size.

Nutra also contains Protec, Skretting’s specialized functional feed for tilapia that can reduce stress and support the immune system of tilapia larvae and therefore improving the health status. Nutra 160 is also recommended to be used combined with vaccination of tilapia.

Nutra is the best lifestart you can give to your tilapia. Nutra is now available to all our customers in Africa from the Skretting Egypt plant. Ask your local sales manager about it.

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