S-Optiline RC for Salmon


  • MicroBalance® concept
  • Suitable for RAS

Complete extruded feed for Salmon in recirculating system

S-Optiline RC products include all the nutritionnal solutions resulting from the intensive Research and Development studies conducted by Skretting. The MicroBalance® concept is one of the pillars of this approach for the optimization of the fish performances; with respect to the environment sustainability. ReCirc-ready® is the Skretting concept dedicated to recirculating systems.

The S-Optiline RC range is fully designed for a use in recirculating systems:

  • The nutritionnal balance is reached by a formulation adapted to the specific needs linked to the recirculating water
  • Functionnal ingredients are included in order to manage the feces quality and water quality

S-Optiline RC products are available with Protec, our nutritionnal solution for the best health status of fish.

Atlantic salmon
  • Salmonid lifecycle
  • Salmonid lifecycle