Optimised nutrition for Sea bream

Sparus aurata 

The lifecycle of sea bream


When fish eggs hatch, the larvae rely on the yolk sac to provide the nutritional needs before they begin feeding.


In hatcheries, sufficient amounts of high quality starter feeds can be continuously supplied, providing all larvae with an equal opportunity to feed. This ensures low deformities and a very high survival rate. Feeding GEMMA instead of the traditional newly-hatched Artemia metanauplii results in juveniles of the same, consistent high-quality. 


Sea bream are still vulnerable during the juvenile stage; small in size and physiologically not completely developed. Our Perla range is a specific pre-ongrowing feed with a low fat formula especially suited for sea bream. 


Juveniles are transferred from land-based nurseries to on-growing facilities in the sea. This causes increased stress due to pre-shipment handling, shipment and transfer. Here, a diet giving optimal growth that also prepares the fish for the rigours of sea rearing is needed. Our Perla T range is designed accordingly.


Optimal nutrition for the right size and fed at the right time is key to maximize growth and feed efficiency. Optibream is a complete grower diet specifically designed to satisfy the nutritional requirements of sea bream. Our HTO2 diets provide perfect nutritional conditions during the summer phase.


Broodstock nutrition has a profound influence on the quantity, quality and performance of the offspring. A careful balance of essential nutrients is vital for ensuring brood fish conditioning, optimal sperm and egg development. To ensure optimal nutrition for your broodstock, Vitalis CAL should be offered from the on-set of vitellogenesis until 1 month after spawning. Vitalis REPRO should be offered outside the spawning window in order to maintain optimal conditions for the spawning fish.

Life start

Skretting provides a complete range of specific hatchery and nursery nutritional solutions for the challenging first life stages. We also produce dedicated transition diets and broodstock nutrition.

Feed efficiency

Skretting is committed to producing high performance feeds for maximum growth and feed efficiency while minimising waste. Our Microbalance® concept allows for maximum raw material flexibility. 

Health & welfare

Our functional feeds provide proactive broad-spectrum support. We also offer nutritional solutions for specific challenges. 

Precision farming

Skretting has developed comprehensive models to demonstrate feed performance. This is incorporated in our AquaSim tool which gives specific recommendations about feed and feeding.