Growth & waste prediction models

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In closed aquaculture systems like RAS, growth can be influenced by many water quality parameters. In order to take these parameters into account, Skretting’s AquaSim portal now allows our customers to input a wide range of water quality parameters specific to their operations. This means that we can better predict growth, and optimise production in RAS.

Waste prediction model

Over the past decade, Skretting ARC has collected and analysed data from fish feeding trials at Lerang Research Station to calculate the nutrient flow in a system. These data have been developed into a specific model to predict the efficiency of dietary nutrient utilisation by the fish, and is a function of feed consumed, nutrient content of the feed, growth of the fish, digestibility of nutrients in the diet and the body composition.

Model calculates

By using this model in RAS systems, we are able to calculate the dissolved nutrient in the water and measure the impact of changing dietary formulations, taking into account the use of different raw material qualities and specific nutrient levels. We are also able to quantify the additional effect of adding binders to the feed on the reduction of important nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon.