Nutrient recycling

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From any RAS system there is a by-product that needs attention, and that is the faecal matter from the fish. This product has many potential uses, for example as agricultural fertilisers, in bio-gas production, aquaponics systems, as an input factor in microalgae production or a source of combustion, to name a few. At Skretting, we actively seek solutions to help our customers find ways of utilising this nutritious output. Today for example, Skretting Norway has a joint program together with Marine Harvest, IVAR, Scanship and Høst to remove this by-product and use it to produce organic fertiliser.

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In the future, there might be new, innovative ways to collaborate with fish producers to help them in finding a valuable, circular way of utilising nutrient output from RAS systems. The overall aim for Skretting and Skretting ARC is to produce feed that produces as little waste as possible and ensures that the nutrients are being used to grow the fish, not feed the surrounding environment.