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AquaCare: to safeguard water quality for aquaculture productivity

As a key part of our ongoing commitment to improve the sustainability of the industry in India, Skretting India has extended its scope beyond the supply of sophisticated and sustainable feeds by creating a new global product line - AquaCare - specifically focused on providing practical solutions to improve water quality for shrimp and fish farming systems. The launch of new produxct line reflects our commitment to India and South Asia markets. India with its fast-growing urban population and continuously evolving aquaculture industry present huge market opportunities.

AquaCare, Tonje Dueland

UN SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitation

Water is a critical resource facing increasing demand and climate-based burdens. The United Nations chart that the worldwide demand for water has increased six-fold over the last 100 years, making responsible water stewardship a global priority. With our focus on improving water quality, we support UN SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation.

Safeguarding our planets most precious resource

Before a fish or shrimp needs feed, it needs water. With AquaCare we want to contribute to safeguarding our planet’s most precious resource, addressing the responsible use of water. The safer we can make the industry today, the more we safeguard its long-term future.

Nigeria fish farm

A holistic approach to health and welfare

Depending on the initial state of the water, improved water quality will not only enable farmers to achieve better animal welfare but can also support them to improve results. By developing long-term partnerships with companies and institutes engaged in water quality improvement, we want to consolidate knowledge and accelerate progress within the aquaculture sector. Our initial focus is in the countries confronted with water challenges. Eventually, the AquaCare range aims to help fish and shrimp farmers with water quality solutions everywhere.

AquaCare Control

AquaCare Control is a probiotic solution, its formulation is designed to improve water quality, support growth and feed conversion ratio for shrimp and fish. It is a combination of synergetic beneficial bacteria and micronutrients on a carbon rich carrier. It works preventatively, with the objective to load the water in pond farming systems with beneficial bacteria that prevent the same space from being occupied by potentially harmful bacteria. These bacteria are specifically selected to provide an effective and versatile solution for water bioremediation in all aquaculture conditions.

AquaCare Control was launched in Egypt, Vietnam and Australia in 2020, and we successfully launched the product in India in June 2021 at a virtual event. It is available across India.

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