Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

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Today, Skretting is the market leader for feeds specifically designed for recirculating aquaculture systems.


About RAS

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are land-based aquaculture facilities that reuse water by cycling it through a filtration system so it can be used again. The highly sustainable nature of these operations reduces the amount of water and space needed for aquaculture. The population of RAS-based facilities has grown exponentially and more are being implemented worldwide, year after year. The increased use of RAS represents a paradigm shift for aquaculture as they are becoming the standard, not only for early stages in freshwater, but the entire life cycle for many species.

The knowledge and expertise that Skretting continues to amass along with the R&D facilities that we have in place will prove invaluable as more and more of these systems come on stream.

An industry first

Skretting’s dedicated concept for RAS, RecircReady, was introduced to the global aquaculture market back in 2009 - an industry first. The concept takes into account modelling capabilities, nutrient recycling solutions and health monitoring in addition to tailored feed solutions, and was designed to provide farmers with the best possible solution to optimise land-based production.

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Skretting feed

Feed the fish, feed the system

Skretting’s first feed for RAS was an industry milestone, designed to provide farmers with the best possible solution to optimise land-based production based on three key principles: improve faeces quality, make mechanical filtration more efficient, and reduce nutrient load for biofilters.

Consistency is important for RAS to successfully maintain the rearing environment. For this reason, we have meticulous procedures to ensure that the physical and nutritional quality is consistent from batch to batch. We also use turbidity testing to evaluate the impact water quality to validate the performance of the pellet in water.

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RAS in the news

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Feednavigator on Skretting and RAS

Skretting, a pioneer in diets specifically designed for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), has upgraded its integrated feed concept for the closed containment farmed fish production method.

RAS equipment Skretting
Intrafish on Skretting and RAS

Skretting upgrades Norway research facilities with new RAS unit. The company added 12 independent recirculating aquaculture systems to its research center in Stavanger for land-based salmon, trout feed trials.


RAS facilities Skretting
The Fish Site on Skretting and RAS

Skretting, the world’s largest supplier of specialised recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) feeds, is ready to launch a new line of feeds called RecircReady.

Stories on RAS

Skretting water

Skretting wins global contract to supply Atlantic Sapphire in Denmark and USA

Skretting announces today that it has won the contract to supply Atlantic Sapphire with majority volumes from November 2019. The contract covers the majority of Atlantic Sapphire’s feed requirement in Denmark and the USA.

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Saravanan Subramanian and Stuart Fyfe

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